Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

Feather Ring and Diamonds

Cast Feather Ring - with engraved feather and 14k white gold stem - 7 grams to 10 grams

The Base cost is ..

14k gold - $440

With the stones added, for example,

with 11 - .02ct VS1-2 , G-H diamonds add - $26 per ct

example: - 11 at .02ct = 22 ct total = $572

or...: - 11 at .03ct = 33ct total = $858

.01ct to .08 ct = $26 per ct

.09ct to .15ct = $30 per ct

Any size diamonds available, phone or email for prices above .15ct but this ring works best with .02ct or .03ct stones.

( Ring not available in silver )

RCas1a and b - Round edge Feather ring with white gold stem and 11- .04ct diamonds


diamonds and feather ring

RCas8 - Straight edge ribs with white gold stem and 11- .03ct diamonds

RCas1d,e,f and g - Tapered - 1-.05ct , 4-.04ct and 5-.03ct diamonds

Marlene's Graduation present for achieving her Masters of Education.