Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

Capped Teeth and Claws Pendants

These 2 claws , Grizzly and Bear and the 2 teeth, Bear and Wolf show some ways of capping.

Making a wax mold and casting the cap is a very clean and creative method.

The cast caps Pen9a to k, are:

silver - $60 each

10k gold- $350

14k gold- $450

Constructed caps ( Pen9m to r ) are:

silver - plain or engraved $70

14k paw on silver $90

14k gold - $450

Sorry, We can Not accept any Animal parts that are transferred across International Borders, so a personal one of a kind fit is for Canadian friends only....others can send pictures and measurements ....

We do not supply or sell the claws or teeth.

grizzly claws capCapped Teeth and Claws Pendants
Pen9a and b - Grizzly claw in silver....Pen9c in Gold - 10k, 14k pricing on left

grizzly claws capCapped Teeth and Claws Pendants
Pen9d,e,f,g and h

grizzly claws cap

Pen9j and k

Important Note :

The caps shown have not been fit to these 2 claws, ( the small grizzly and the large black bear above ).... they would need to be 'crimped' into shape so the gaps that are visible on the left would not show.

Instructions below for setting caps to claws...

Capped Teeth and Claws Pendants wolf tooth black bear toothcap for bear's claws

Pen9m,n,p and q , ( on right is Pen9m-2 )

plain tooth or claw caps in silver

Pen9r - plain tooth or claw caps - I would need to know the type of tooth or claw and the length across the top and the width.... as in the a,b and c of the first 2 pictures below....

You will have to set your own tooth or claw.

What I Need

Send me 3 pictures of the claw or tooth that show the three dimensions...hiegth, width and depth.

Take 3 IN FOCUS pictures next to a ruler so I can see what size of cap I have to make or find ( if a cast version )


How to set the cap on a claw

1. Caps should come roughed up on the inside

2. Trim the claw to the 3 dimensions given for your cap, as seen in the 1st 2 pictures. File, belt-sander, saw....however ....

3. make sure it fits..... claw corners are rounded like the cap and tooth may have to be squished to get the cap on.

4. Test the fit, force any loose fitted sides tight with a rubber mallet, wooden hammer, ( or hammer and block of wood), tap on a leather strap to close it, or however you can, ( vice with wooden jaws)......anythng except smack it with a chunk of metal ( bare hammer face ). This is a test run for when the epoxy is applied and also lets you know how much force and where to bring it in....REMEMBER, You only have 5 minutes before the epoxy starts to set !

4. Drill small , ( 1/16" or so ) holes at various angles around the top and inside as in the 2nd set of pictures.

5. Mix up a 2 part epoxy ( 5 minute epoxy is good ), and apply it into the holes , top of claw, and inside cap

6. Quickly get that cap back on there and close any gaps. Push excess epoxy into all crack and crevices.

7. The Timing will change between each application depending on the amount of hardener used, or the air's temperature, but generally, after 10-15 minutes the epoxy is sturdy enough to be cut but has not had time to adhere to the can cut around the cap's edge and then push the epoxy into any gaps.

8. Your biggest problem is buffing the cap after all the glue is gone....since you may not have the tools that I use be extra cautious not to scratch the cap when you take off the excess epoxy.

how to set a cap on a bear claw