Bearclaw Custom Native Gold Silver Platinum Jewelry


Unique and original Chipewyan designs in gold, platinum, silver and gems. Custom orders, Animal Themes and 0ne-of-a-kind art


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Bearclaw Native Indian Jewelry

Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada
owned by Marlene & Frank Marasco

member of the Mission Chamber of Commerce

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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 
Bracelets - Applique

Bearclaw and Disc


BA1 - Silver Bearclaw with 14k appliqué paws

mountain bracelet



Mountains, Eagle and Buffalo Sun

Bearface Bracelet

BA4- Oval with Bearface and Paws

Grizzly Bear Bracelet


Walking Grizzly and Bear Face



Otter and other Sea Creatures

Bearface Bracelet


BA6 - Bearface & paws

Cougar - Mountain lion bracelet


BA7 -Cougar

Wolf Face Bracelet


BA8- WolFace & Paws

Bearclaw and Disc


BA14- Bearclaws with Disc

whale - orca eaglehead braclet



Gold Whale and Eagle heads

butterfly bracelet



Appliqued Butterfly

butterfly bracelet


BFB6 - 14k appliqued butterfly on feather & sunburst

Basset Hound Memorial Bracelet

NNb9 -

Basset Hound Memorial Bracelet

Silver Bracelet


BA2- Single paw appliqué

grizzly paw gold on silver bracelet


BA3- 3 Large Paws on 1"

medicine wheel disc bracelet

MdBA5 Medicine Wheel Bracelet and Ring 

Bearclaw and Disc


MdBA3 Medicine Wheel , Gold Discs and Bearclaws

Medicine Wheel Bracelet


MdBA6 - Medicine Wheel, Feathers and D.T.R.T. inscription

Medicine Wheel Bracelet


MdBA1 - Silver Medicine Wheel with 14k Disc

Bearclaw and Disc


MdBA4 Medicine Wheel Silver Discs and Bearclaws

Roses and Butterflies



Roses and Butterflies

BearClaw in Gold


Single paw appliqué and paws

Horse medicine wheel bracelet


MdBA2 Appliqued Spiral, Horse, Medicine Wheel and WolfFace - Ring and Bracelet

medical alert BearClaw in Gold


Single paw appliqué and paws

Raven Bracelet


BaFB2- 1" - Raven Landing - appliqued silver on silver

689+ pages - 2315+ Unique Designs , 202 Manufactured Rings , Chains and Lockets

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All designs are original and property of Bearclaw Jewelry -Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4, Canada- 1-604-614-1853

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